BANGALORE ! The name, a few years
back would conjure up visions of a city
with a salubrious climate, sparkling
lakes, sophisticated gentry and
picturesque bungalows set in beautiful
color-drenched gardens. Today,
Bangalore is a city rapidly losing its
bungalows, gardens and lakes.
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What is UTOPIA?
UTOPIA, as any dictionary would have you believe is the imaginary island described by Sir Thomas More in his book of the same name in 1516, which has a perfect social and political system. It is a virtual social and political paradise! We have called our residential project UTOPIA in the hope that we can get as close to that ideal as possible. With this aim in mind, we are hand-picking residents on this 65-acre enclave – each resident here will have arrived only by invitation – no advertisements in the media!
Where is UTOPIA situated?
UTOPIA is a residential township situated 26km from the heart of Bangalore City and 2.6km off NH7, connecting Bangalore and Hyderabad. The area is developing into a virtual Residential Paradise and Lifestyle Destination, thanks to Bangalore's new International Airport being developed there. 
This 65-acre residential township is well-insulated from future developments in the area by a village each to the East and West, a natural lake to the South and a road to the North, which connects UTOPIA to Bangalore City through the City Bus Service!
How long does it take to commute between UTOPIA and Bangalore City?
At present, it takes about 45 minutes but this time should come down to less than a half-hour once the 6-lane Highway connecting the Airport and Bangalore City is complete. Work on this project is underway!
The multi-pronged flyover near Hebbal Lake has been completed in record time, adding another dimention to the reduction in travel time!

Using what facts have the potential of this new area been arrived at?
Bangalore, India’s Technological Capital is the fastest growing city in Asia, and blessed with the most wonderful weather. But what really recommends this new area to the discerning few now is the fact that once the New International Airport ( with a 12000 ft runway, 20-odd aero-bridges and the most modern features) is ready by Apr 2008, the present Airport will be closed to all commercial flights (one of the pre-conditions in the agreement between the Government and the Contractors). This means that all the attendant ancillary industries and support infrastructure will come up in this area, pushing up the demand for residential space. 
Schools and colleges have already started coming up here, including the Delhi Public School, Canadian International, Ryan International, etc!! The present Bangalore City is bursting at the seams with sewerage and water supply systems meant to handle a population of just a million residents now handling over 5 times that. People have started moving out – only the discerning few, of course – but once the 6-lane highway is complete, more people will become aware of this wonderful new area which is such a short drive away from the chaos that is the present city. In fact, with the present rate at which schools, hospitals, etc. are coming up in the area, it is but a matter of 5 years before people won’t really want to drive into the city! When the common population finally wakes up to the potential of this area, it could fuel a boom as it did in Indiranagar in the Early-70s!
Is building of houses on the plots purchased compulsory?
No! However, there will be many incentives for people to construct homes on UTOPIA over the next couple of years. We expect thousands of executives associated with the airport work and its ancillary industries, including hotels, to start looking out for  residential space in the next 6 months to a year. 
If we combine this demand with the ever-decreasing bank rates for Housing Loans and top it off with the fact that repayment of Housing loans is the only real tax-break for the income bracket of most plot-owners at UTOPIA, your building a house could cost you next to nothing! We are hopeful that a large percentage of the plot-owners on UTOPIA will build their homes there over the next 3-4 years!
Is there any fear of encroachment of plots purchased?
None, whatsoever! With the peremeter security wall already in place along with our 24 hour security guard!!