BANGALORE ! The name, a few years
back would conjure up visions of a city
with a salubrious climate, sparkling
lakes, sophisticated gentry and
picturesque bungalows set in beautiful
color-drenched gardens. Today,
Bangalore is a city rapidly losing its
bungalows, gardens and lakes.
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The idea of UTOPIA was first born in the mind of Sir Thomas Moore in the 17th century and re-germinated in the mind of Dinesh Nayar ( probably as a result  of having been dropped on his head while still an infant ) towards the fag-end of the 20th Century. This is our story, so read ontanding in front of a stretch of Eucalyptus trees, Dinesh  first drew the picture of Utopia for his colleagues ( David, Sarita & Zareen ) in the company, Ventures, in mid-2002. They thought it was a good idea though the location then was what some would describe mildly as ‘the back of beyond’! Of course, many others thought it was sheer madness to even attempt something like this as not only was the location so remote but the guys who were planning to build it hadn’t ever laid a brick in their lives! But what do you know! This madness appealed to so many people that it soon seemed possible to make this dream a reality. And so, towards the end of 2002, Utopia took root.

Out went the groundwater-sapping, Eucalyptus trees in thousands, to be replaced by hundreds of more ecologically relevant species of trees! The plots, with everybody having an equal frontage of 50 feet were marked out on the ground and HDFC, the Housing Finance company was invited to take a look and give out loans to individuals who wanted to buy into the place. With many misgivings and reservations, they finally agreed to take the RISK!.

The marketing of Utopia is another story. Not one rupee was spent in advertisements. The entire marketing of Utopia was word of mouth, from one Utopian to another prospective one! The result is a Private Residential Layout with Probably the highest Intellectual Capital in the Country. Read more...